Satik Andriassian

Performer | Educator

Classical guitarist Satik Andriassian possesses many qualities that make her a beautiful performer and an outstanding teacher.  The style of her play reflects her sensitive soul and sense of phrasing.  Combined with a solid technique, her performances are always a very enjoyable listening experience.  In addition, Satik's great perseverance and overabundant experience are important factors in her effectiveness as an exceptional guitar teacher.

Satik Andriassian is a Classical Guitar Lecturer at 

California State University, Los Angeles

Teaching is a vital part of my career as a classical guitarist. Working with every student is a journey that I feel privileged to be apart of.   Magic happens in these one-on-one weekly lessons while we share and exchange ideas, discuss a multitude of musical dimensions, analyze scores and drill technical exercises!

My goal is to help students open their minds to music, master pieces they never thought they could play, and find ways to use sound as paths of expression.

Through this process I found  our compassion is deepened and our soul enriched.  I can not think of any profession for me more rewarding and fulfilling than teaching the guitar.

 My teaching philosophy includes assuring that students acquire a solid foundation in proper technique.  I am a great advocate of the teachings of the great masters such as Carulli, Giuliani, Carcassi and Sor and apply their methodology in my teaching in order for students to achieve flawless technique and flourish musically.