We are proud to present our judges members from various universities and colleges, as well as distinguished musicians. The judges for each category will be announced before the competition dates.


Students qualifications:

Students enrolled in music programs in high schools, community colleges, universities.



 Qualified participants are required to submit a registration form

Registration is FREE and OPEN to all qualifying participants.  There will be NO application fee

Registration forms can be requested by email:  Completed forms should be returned by email as a pdf file.


Registration Deadline:

Qualified participants are required to submit a registration form by November 1st, 2017 for full consideration

Please submit your online registration form:


Competition category:

The competition consists of two rounds of performance

All performances must be from memory

Performance selection may be solo works from the standard repertoire or contemporary composers 5 -10 minutes in duration

Competitors will be notified of the results of the competition by Sunday Nov. 12th, 2017.

All the winners are required to attend the Awards/Performance Ceremony on Nov. 12, 2017, 6:00 pm.   Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the award

The competition rounds are open to the public.  There will be no entrance or exit during performances

Please contact: if you have any questions about the repertoire



Cash prizes, guitars and strings

Non-selected participants will receive certificates of recognition, strings, tuners, metronomes and other relevant accessories based on availability

Date of the Events:

1.  Classical Guitar Performance Competition: 

1st round - November 11th, 2017;  9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Final round - November 12th, 2017; 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Awards / Recital Ceremony - November 12th, 2017; 6:00 PM

2. Classical Guitar Ensemble Composition Competition:

Deadline is Nov. 1st, 2017.

Winner's Announcement is Nov. 12, 2017 at the Awards /Recital Ceremony.


Place of the Event:

Competition:  CSULA; TBA (Music Department, classroom or rehearsal room or music hall based on availability)

Awards / Recital Ceremony: CSULA; Music Department, Music Recital Hall



There will be places available at the Music Department complex for performers to warm-up and relax prior to their scheduled performance time.



Parking permits are available in all parking lots.  Please make sure parking permits are displayed properly to avoid any tickets

Please check the following site for any campus parking information:



The competition will provide snacks and water on the audition day as well as a reception for the awards ceremony.  Also,  there are several eateries and vending machines on campus. Please check the following site for all the locations and hours of operation: